Exclusive interview about Madison Skyy Polan, American Actress

By Jean-Paul Eliard
June 26 2024


Hi Madison, First, I'm very happy to do this interview about you
Hi Jean-Paul! Thank you for this interview. It is my pleasure to have this opportunity 


Can you introduce yourself to the visitors of cinema-movietheater.com?
Hi! My name is Madison Skyy Polan and I’m the voice of Agnes on Despicable Me 4. 

Photo credit : Madison Skyy Polan

What did you like about the storyline of Despicable Me 4 and about Agnes?

I liked how there’s a new member in the family, and they have to take in a new identity but Agnes does not want to lie. I also love the mega minions and their super powers. 

Photo credit : Madison Skyy Polan

How did you get this role?

I sent a VO audition and luckily they liked my voice and energy. 

Photo credit : Madison Skyy Polan

How was the recording of your voice?

It was a lot of fun ? and it was very exciting! I got to work with the director Chris and Ken the writer.  

How do you identify and find the voice of an animated character?

I am very similar to Agnes, lots of energy, fun, loving, and truthful. 

Photo credit : Madison Skyy Polan

To be a young actrice, is that a problem for the school?
 No, there wasn’t any problem with the school. I didn’t really have a lot of homework. ?

What is your next challenge / project?

I’m going to a new school next school year and I will miss my friends from my other school. 

Photo credit : Madison Skyy Polan

Do you wish to add something?

I love making bracelets, slime, crafts, draw animation and give them to my friends and family. I love playing dungeons and dragons with my dad. Dancing to kPop music, making my little sister laugh, make videos, and paint night with my mom. 

Thank you for this opportunity! 


Thank you very much for your interview Madison and I wish you the best for your future
More information on Madison on Instagram and on IMDb




My film  critic

I will watch Despicable Me 4 when it will release on DVD in France because if
I go to see it in the cinema in France it's a French actress who doubles.
But on the DVD in VO, I will have Madison's voice.

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