Exclusive interview about Lacey Caroline, American Actress, Singer, Dancer and Host

By Jean-Paul Eliard
The February 13 2023


Hi Lacey I'm excited to do this interview 
Can you introduce yourself to the visitors of cinema-movietheater.com?

Absolutely and thank you so much for having me. I’m Lacey Caroline and was born and raised in Charlotte, NC - but I’m currently living in Los Angeles.

I am a tv, film and musical theater actress.

I love to sing and dance every chance I get, and I was lucky enough to be the NASCAR Kids Reporter for over 3 years. 

What peaks your interest when you read a script ?
I love a great story and sometimes it’s hard to get the full story when you are auditioning, so I always create a backstory for the characters.

The character is really what interests me the most.

I look younger than my current age, so I get a lot of requests for 13-14 year old characters and I don’t see as much deep content for this age range, but I love every opportunity. Honestly, when reading scripts or sides, how the dialogue is crafted is really important to me.

That directly ties into the strength of the story and influences how connected I feel to the character. 


How did you prepare for your roles as an actress? 
Preparation honestly depends on the character, the role and the project.

If it's for a drama, I will do more intense prep - especially if I have to show strong emotions. Regardless of the audition or project, I always research the director, and create that backstory.

If I book the project, I’ll create a playlist for the character that I’ll listen to as I prepare to film or during downtimes on set. 

Photo credit : Max Ermine

You have been the recipient of many awards or nominations, Is there one that has special meaning to you for the award and the role?

The day that I arrived in LA, I attended the LA Under the Stars Film Festival and won their award for Best Actress for my role in WORM RADIO.

This was an incredible welcome to the city, but was also very special because this award had never gone to a youth actor.

Normally, they award a Rising Star for the youth division - but this year, they didn’t and they awarded me the Best Actress award. I was so excited for this recognition for the project and for Austin Smith, the incredible writer and director. 
When and why did you choose to become an actress?
Sometimes I feel like I was born to entertain.

My dad is a professional mascot and my mom is an event producer, but they let me find acting on my own.

I was in an elementary school production of ANNIE in 3rd grade where I played “Molly” and that same year, had the opportunity to perform as Mini Hugo, the mini version of the NBA Charlotte Hornets mascot, at the French All Star Game in Paris. Performing live in front of 25,000 fans was terrifying at first, but when

I was done, I knew I wanted to perform more.

My mom enrolled me in community theater camps when I was 10 and soon after I got my first agent. I knew that acting was what I wanted to do professionally after filming Hallmark’s A CHRISTMAS LOVE STORY. That experience changed my life and I was determined to keep going! 

Photo credit : Max Ermine

Lacey stars as "Ellie Miller," the only character in the sci-fi short film WORM RADIO. This film was developed for submission to NASA's CineSpace short film competition and tells the story of how and why Ellie gets to space..........WORM RADIO premiered on YouTube’s DUST channel on February 20, 2023.
The date of premieres is the day of my birthday it'll bring you luck ;o)
Could you tell us more about your role in WORM RADIO?

Happy Birthday!!! Thank you so much Lacey

I mentioned before that being in the Hallmark movie changed my life - but it’s truly hard to explain how important playing “Ellie” in WORM RADIO was and still is to me.

I was the only character in this short which is a huge responsibility and I am so thankful for Austin’s guidance as we prepared to film. The character was written with influences from Ellie in the LAST OF US, Rey in STAR WARS, Hiro from BIG HERO 6 and Gon from HUNTER x HUNTER.

This was before the premiere of the iconic LAST OF US series, but Austin’s vision of Ellie combined all of these characters. She had to be witty and love vintage tech, she needed to be a scavenger with an engineering mind, and her drive to get to her dad had to be never failing.

These were some big shoes to fill but being able to talk about this with Austin in pre-production and during filming were key to my being able to truly honor this role. I don't want to give much more away but go watch it - over and over.

If we get it to top views on YouTube’s DUST channel, we just might be able to turn it into a feature which would be an absolute dream come true.  

You are an actress in theater too. What does theater bring you that you don't find in cinema?
Theater acting is so different from tv/film.

You get so much time to rehearse, but you only get one shot to perform - not multiple takes and the amount of choreography and staging that happens live, without room for error, makes me love the excitement and adrenaline rush I feel when I step on stage.  
You are also a singer. What kind of songs do you like to sing?
This is when the theater world really takes over.

I love musical theater songs and really like finding ones that aren’t as mainstream for auditions. I also am a huge fan of Adele and Renee Rapp.

Their songs are so relatable and are on repeat in my playlist.  
What is your next challenge / project?
Every day is a challenge for an actor. I have filmed 5 auditions since arriving in LA a week ago, have 2 more to film this weekend and would love any of the roles.

But my biggest job as an actor is to audition - to film, submit and forget.

I can't let myself get hung up on any one audition or role.

Just getting the audition is a huge win.

I do have a few projects in the works for this summer and will keep doing my job in submitting the best auditions I can with the hope that one of them lands soon!  
Do you wish to add something ?
Thank you for giving me a voice and providing the opportunity to tell my story. It’s far from over but if I can inspire even one person, every step of the story is worth it!  
Thank you very much for your interview Lacey and I wish you all the best.
More information about Lacey on www.thisislaceycaroline.com,

on Instagram, on Facebook, on Youtube,  on Twitter and on IMDb

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