Suraya (Malaysia)

Release the 9th  January 2020

Director: Feisal Azizuddin
Stars: Ainul Aishah, Azhar Amir, Nik Danial Hazeeq, Amir Rahim.......

Genres: Horror | Thriller


Nabila and Adam are avid YouTubers who set out across Malaysia to record videos for their channel. Along the way, they get lost and end up in a mysterious homestay called 'Homestay Abadi', run by the mesmerizing Suraya and her servant girl, Aishah, who offers them shelter. As a heavy downpour sets in, Nabila and Adam are forced to accept Suraya's invitation to stay the night.

When peculiar instances start to arise, Nabila grows suspicious of the place and vents her thoughts to Adam, who starts to get increasingly irritated with her. As Nabila grows distant, Suraya and Adam begin to get closer.
Nabila soon uncovers a terrible secret that had been concealed so well. She then realizes that guests who check-in, rarely ever check-out.

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