Exclusive interview with Madeleine Coghlan American Actress and Writer.

By Jean-Paul Eliard

The 24 September 2021


Hi Madeleine, I'm glad to do this interview

Happy to be here, thanks for having me!


What could you tell us about your character Rae in  ?

Rae is a 22-year-old woman coming of age in Billings, Montana, amidst rising anti Semitism. Rae is struggling to process her own trauma while also confronting the generational trauma of her ancestors.

She’s an artist, a painter to be exact, and her paintings often reflect how she wants things to be versus how they are. 


What did you interest when you read the script?

When I first read the script, what initially struck me was how complicated Rae is. In a way, she can be seen as an anti-hero.

She’s imperfect and doesn’t hide her flaws, and lacks a conventional way of thinking, which I find compelling.

I always gravitate towards roles that scare me a little, and Rae definitely scared me in the best way. 

Photo credit Carlos Ruiz

How was the filming with Devery Jacobs, Kendra Mylnechuk........... and with director Alana Waksman?

The entire cast and crew of the movie were absolutely wonderful. Alana was such a thoughtful collaborative director and everything was always a conversation.

She encouraged me to go deeper and confront the dark parts of myself that really helped bring life to the character of Rae.

Several members of the cast were local Montana residents and not only were they welcoming and kind, but they clued me in to a lot of details about Montana that I didn’t know which helped fill in my character.

How long did the filming for this movie?

We filmed for a month all around Montana

Photo credit Carlos Ruiz

How did you prepare for your role?

We started filming pretty quickly after I found out I was coming on board.

One of the most beneficial parts of the process was when I got to Montana and Alana and I went through the script together page by page and talked about every scene and where Rae’s headspace was in each moment.

Being in an unfamiliar location also helped.

We’d finish filming for the day and I would go back to a home that wasn’t mine. That helped keep me thinking like another character.

Without my familiar things, it was easier to dive deeper into Rae and leave myself behind.

You are vegan, and you are enjoyed spending time in the kitchen cooking. which dishes do you do best?

I am vegan! I love experimenting with different cuisines. I think one of my favorite recipes is pesto.

I like how customizable it is. You can change your base herb, whether it’s basil or cilantro or mint and that entirely changes the flavor profile. 

Photo credit Carlos Ruiz

Do your friends and family like your cooking?

Not really. If someone is cooking in my circle, it’s usually me, but I’m happy to. I’m not very good at cleaning up and my friends and family gladly do that part so it’s a good balance. 


What do you like read as books?

I’m a big reader. I tend to gravitate towards fiction mostly.

One of my favorites I read recently is a novel called Luster by Raven Leilani, and I couldn’t put it down.

Not only is it riveting but it’s poetic and I think that can be a hard balance to strike.

On the nonfiction side, I’m a big fan of Anais Nin and her journals.

They are really beautiful intimate stories of her life told in a prose like fashion.

I hope to do something similar one day.

Photo credit Evan Mulling

You love to read and surround yourself with her family, friends and two dogs. Your family and friends help you for your career?

My family and friends are very supportive.

I love creating in any way, and I’ve found a great outlet in making short films.

My friends are always willing to play a part in whatever it is I’m making, whether it’s acting in it, helping produce, or scoring the film once it’s done. I’m very grateful to be surrounded by such talented people and I hope they don’t get sick of me anytime soon. 


You are also passionate about animal welfare and rights. You have 2 dogs What is their race?

I have 3 dogs! They’re all rescue mutts. I have a Saint Bernard mix, an Irish Wolfhound mix, and a Jack Russel Terrier mix. They’re crazy and I love them.

Photo credit Evan Mulling

TrailerI know it is difficult to predict what the future holds for movies, TV series, etc. for the moment with Covid-19, but what is your next challenge / project?

Currently I’m in the editing process on one of my short films.

It’s my first solo directing project so I’m really excited to finish that and get to share it soon.

Do you wish to add something?

Just to say thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I hope you have a wonderful week!


Thank you very much for your interview Madeleine and I wish you all the best.

More information about Madeleine on Instagram and on IMDb



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