Exclusive interview with Fanny Pierre, a Belgian actress and producer based in Los Angeles

By Jean-Paul Eliard
The January 15 2019


Hello Fanny, can you introduce yourself to the visitors of cinema-movietheater.com?

Hi, thanks for interviewing me! I am Belgian, I have a Bachelor in Communication and I am a professionally trained actress. I live in Los Angeles,
I work in the film industry and I have a Youtube channel for French speaking actors called "Actrice à Hollywood

When and why did you choose to become an actress and to live in
 Los Angeles?

I became an actress when I was 23 - I trained in Paris for 3 years. I worked in Belgium, Paris and London until 2015. As I was visiting Los Angeles for the first time, I met my future husband - Jess McKay who is American. In 2016,
I moved to L.A. to live with him and work in the film industry. 

After 3 years of professional training at the Laboratoire de l'Acteur in Paris, you've been regularly 
coached by Pascal Luneau. How was your training with Pascal Luneau?

Pascal is a wonderful acting coach.
There are ups and downs in an acting career and sometimes you forget the reasons why you did it in the first place. Pascal helped me find my way back
to falling in love with acting again.
He believes that the actors shouldn't try to become the character, but that
they should let the character take place in them. With his technique, you feel free to be the most vulnerable and sincere, which I think is the best way to be on a set. 

You dance, sing, love travelling, discovering different cultures and ways of thinking ? 

 I love thinking that life is a big adventure made of many little adventures.
So everything that comes my way I want to try it. My mom always makes fun of me when I tell her I am trying something new, she's like "Oh of course you want to try pottery now and self-defense next month".
I just like meeting people and trying new things. I guess this is why the film industry is great for me. It's always a new project, a new character, a new story, a new director, a new team, a new challenge...
I've always been super curious and asking why things were the way they are. What fascinates me the most are humans and relationships. 

What kind of movies do you like?

My favorite genre is dramedy and sitcoms like Love Actually, Grace & Frankie, The Big Bang Theory, Mom, Grey's Anatomy... but I'm also a big fan of
science-fiction and fantasy, like Harry Potter, Interstellar, Avatar, Groundhog Day... etc.

What is your next challenge?

When you move to a new city in this business, you have to start over. For a year and a half I was focusing on acting in Los Angeles. Then I started developing my Youtube channel and my career in Film Production.
I really enjoy it. In 2019, I'm starting my own series. I was lucky enough to find wonderful partners and we are creating, writing and producing together.
So that's my focus. 

Do you want to add something?

Thank you for the interest you have in my career. If you want to know more about my life as an actress, feel free to join me on Youtube and ask me any questions in the comments of my videos. 

Thank you for this interview Fanny, I wish you the best as an actress and in your life.

More information about Fanny Pierre on her Website, on Facebook,
on IMDb , on her Youtube Channel and Instagram

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