Exclusive interview with Chiquita Fuller American Actress and Writer

By Jean-Paul Eliard

The May 20  2022


Hi Chiquita, I'm glad to do this interview


Can you introduce yourself to the visitors of cinema-movietheater.com?

Thank you so much for the invitation. Hi everyone my name is Chiquita Fuller,

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and made the move California with my family when I was in first grade.

So, I guess you can say I’m a native of both California and Chicago. But California is definitely home for me


What could you tell us about your character Linda Bates in 9-1-1 ?

Linda has come a long way, but let me start by saying that this character wasn’t supposed to be a recurring role.

When I started in the call center 4 years ago as Linda Bates the scared and wondering if she had the chops to make it character, I immediately connect with Jennifer Love-Hewitt’s character Maddie.

After a few weeks had passed I got an email from my agent that they had written my character Linda back in another episode.

I was shocked, amazed, and so happy that I had another chance to work on this amazing show. I really appreciated the trust they had in me portraying Linda. Linda is like the cheerleader of the group.

She is there when you need a shoulder to lean on and she will be there to listen when you need an ear.

People Chiquita Fuller, Jennifer Love Hewitt Titles 9-1-1, The Taking of Dispatch 9-1-1 ©9-1-1 / Fox

What did you like when you read the script because the season 5 starts strong?

Oh, wow season 5 was so realistic then way it started. The way it related to what was really happening in the world at that time with the ransomware attacks and it interfering with our computers and GPS systems.

This is what I like about our writers, they write about real life and current happenings in the world. Things people can relate to.

How did you prepare for your roles?

Well, I usually ask myself a few questions once I receive the sides.

Who is she as to what is her background,

Where am I, meaning location,

Why am I there, like what is my intention or action and what happened before

I arrived, like what are the circumstances of me being there. 
I also look at the breakdown of the character and if the script is available

I definitely read that as well.


Would you have liked to work in a 9-1-1 center?

Actually, I did take the test for a 911 crisis center operator a few years ago.

This was before my acting career picked up and I was looking for an alternate career in case acting didn’t work out.

Let’s just say acting is definitely my calling.


How is the shooting with your co-stars........... ?

Working on the show 9-1-1 is such a joy.

I love my job already but getting to work on this show has been the absolute best.

All of my co-stars are like family to me. I love working with them all.


How long did the shooting for all episodes for a season?

It usually takes about 6 months to shoot the entire season.

Including breaks and holidays.

You are performed in 3 episodes about The Young and the Restless (2018)
How the shooting for the old TV series  (1973 -    )?

That was like a dream come true for my mom.
She would watch all the soaps when I was a kid, and for me to have an opportunity to be on one of her favorite shows was exciting. 
The cast and crew were so warm and welcoming when I arrived on set. I had a blast.


what is your next challenge / project?

My next challenge is my own passion project. My writing partner and I are working on a script. It will be a family comedy.

Something that will be relatable to today’s viewers. 

So that is where most of my focus is right now.


Do you wish to add something ?

Always remember whatever you pursue in life, if you really want it, never give up. Sometimes it will seem like it’s never going to happen, but if you truly feel it

I your heart never give up.


Thank you very much for your interview Chiquita  I wish you all the best


More information about Chiquita on Instagram, on Twitter and on IMDb

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