Exclusive interview with Steve Stanulis, American Actor, Producer and Writer

Steve Stanulis and the actress Tara Reid in 55th Annual Cinema Audio Society

By Jean-Paul Eliard
The March 26 2019


Hi Steve, First, I'm very happy to do this interview about you

Below are Steve Stanulis' answers and attached is a photo taken recently
of him and actress Tara Reid:

Can you introduce yourself to the visitors of our website? What would most people remember you for so far?

Well I'm known as an actor, producer and director who has worked on numerous commercial hits in all three aspects including "The Deuce",
"The Sopranos", and "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry", to name a few.


You are starring in the upcoming horror movie Clinton Road and the blockbuster film Alter Ego. What did you like about the storyline and you role in these two movies?

Clinton Road is coming out theatrical in June 2019 and this one I directed. I love the horror genre and Clinton Road actually existing and shooting there was really appealing.
For Clinton Road I also had the pleasure of directing Ice-T, Eric Roberts and Vincent Pastore along with up and coming actors like Ace Young and Erin O'Brien to name a few.

Alter Ego I had the pleasure to work opposite Dylan Walsh whose work I have always admired. The role I play is a real psychotic physical role which really intrigued me.
I am definitely proud of "Alter Ego" and can't wait for audiences to see it.


How was the filming for these movies?

Alter Ego was a bit unique in a sense where Dylan and I shot in sequence and the script early on was very dialogue heavy so I believe the only actors on set week one was Dylan and I which was pretty unique.


 Did you know before these movies your co-stars in each?

I had worked with Ice-T years back on SVU as well as having a lot of friends in common. Vincent Pastore and I had worked on couple projects prior as well.
It was great being able to work alongside them both again.


When and why did you choose to be an actor?

I always answer questions like this one pretty much the same:
I had no aspirations and kind of fell into this crazy entertainment industry world hahaha.


What is your next challenge?

The next project I'm working on is "Chronicle of a Serial Killer". It's in same vein as the movie "Seven". We are looking to shoot it around June 2019, and will be announcing the cast of it soon.


 Is there anything else you want our readers to know?

Just follow your dreams - nothing is easy or everyone would do it! Also,
"If you dream, dream out loud"!

Thank you very much for your interview Steve and I wish you the best 
More information about Steve on IMDb on Twitter and on Facebook .

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