Exclusive interview with Rik Aby Dubaïotes, Actor Additional Crew, Second Unit, Director or Assistant Director.

By Jean-Paul Eliard

The 13/04/2023


Hi  Rik I'm glad to do this interview 

Can you introduce yourself to the visitors of cinema-movietheater.com?
 Yes. My name is Rik Aby I am a Method Actor who has been in the business for more than 21 years. I am currently UAE based in Abu Dhabi where I was born and currently live. 

I have worked regionaly in the Middle East on films as well as two Hollywood Films and with Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga my 3rd Bollywood Film.  
What did you like about your character?
I loved the fact that I was able to show a very vicious side of me that was very violent, but who had a different twist as you'll see towards the end of the movie.
 Also because most of the dialogue was in Hindi it gave me a chance to use my energy and physicality to tell the story without speaking Hindi until I was able to speak in English as the character. 
What interested you when you read the scipt about  this movie?
When my  rep Milena Schwager (Mell) and myself saw the script we were drawn to one thing mainly and that was the twist.

I also want to note that I watched the movie expecting the twist that I knew about and then getting totally surprised with the ending. It's always amazing and refreshing when the audience is taken on a rollercoaster ride that you never expect. 
How did you prepare for your role?
I thought mean, and working with Sunny Kaushal really helped because

he gave both me and Jeet my partner in the movie the physicality for us to feed off of. The script was so well written that from the beats

I was able to insert the exact ingredients needed to pull off my character of Biff. Also before we did our stunts with Bollywood notable Stunt Director Mr. Verma

I did alot of Bujin Kan Tori Nunjutsu calisenthics excercises to be able to mentally and physically shock absorb what was coming next. 
How is the shooting with Yami Gautam, Sunny Kaushal, Sharad Kelkar....... and the director Ajay Singh? 
Seamless they were so generous and inviting to us.  Ajay was inviting and very creative in his direction.

He knew exactly what he wanted without pushing to hard and he didn't need to because he is an extraordinary artist and person.

When we were doing our fighting scenes I actually kicked Sunny in the back and I apologized be shrugged it off and laughed.

Yami was a sweetheart they both deserve everything they're getting for, your movie. Can't wait to work with all of them again! 
You perform in Aadujeevitham which releases in India the 20 October 2023.
Could you tell us about your role and the storyline of this film?

Without spoiling too much. Aadujeevitham also known as "The Goat Life" talks about farmers in the Middle East who abduct two Engineers from the Sub Continent.

I play the nephew Jasser who is one of the farmers who shows him the ropes at the farm, and establishes a more lenient relationship with him versus his Uncle. Fun fact I named the character Jasser after our Location Producer Sheikh Eid Al Huwaity who is also head of the Huwaitat tribe, who's son Jasser was titular character in the Oscar Nominated Jordanian film, "Theeb".

I named the character  in honor of him and them.  
You are Actor, Additional Crew, Second Unit or Assistant Director.
What did you like in these works?

 Very astute question. These were roles that I did while I was still starting out in university and with friends in the beginning of my career. 

The collective attribute that I enjoyed is how to tell the same story from behind the camera in a different way as well as understand and respect other positions on the set and our industry. 
What is your next challenge / project?
I have a few projects under my belt that I can not reveal at the current time. What I can tell you is this I always look for something different and new that

I haven't done before as well the best way to create characters with depth and most importantly characters that invoke empathy. 

Do you wish to add something? 
You never know as a storyteller how the audience will recieve your stories.

I am both overwhelmed, grateful and blessed to find that my work has travelled more than me and that it has gathered the amount of support that it had.

Thank you so much for your love and faith it is the pillar of what I do as an Actor and the fuel for me to do more.

Hope to visit France very soon. As always #seeyouonset #communitybeforeindustry. Ramadan Kareem. 

Thank you very much for your interview  Rik  and all the best
More information about Rik on  Instagram, on Youtube and on IMDb.

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