Exclusive interview with Kimia Behpoornia, American Actress, Writer and Art Department

By Jean-Paul Eliard
The September  13  2019


Hi Kimia, I'm very happy to do this interview.


when you read the script, what did you like about the storyline and your role in Abby's ?
From the moment I read the script I was excited to see that Abby’s was an ensemble show.
I truly enjoy collaboration, especially in comedy, so to see that every character was in every scene and we would all eventually become a hodge lodge sort
of found family was very exciting to me.


How was the filming with your co-stars ?
Filming was very interesting because this was the first multi-cam show I had ever done so I didn’t really know what to expect.
Instead of shooting different scenes everyday we essentially rehearse
the whole script like a mini play that we eventually perform for an audience
at the end of the work week and that is what is filmed.
The process is fun because jokes are always changing and coming from my improv/sketch performance background I was ready to roll with anything
on the fly. Actually everyone on this show come from a live comedy background so we all worked so well off each other in front of the audience and we thrived when we were given new jokes on the fly.


Did you know your co-stars before ?
I didn’t know anyone in the show before I signed on. I mean of course I’d seen them in TV and movies but that doesn’t count as knowing them of course.
I grew up watching Neil Flynn so that was very exciting.


Is it hard to stay serious during filming ?
This is a tricky question cause my initial answer is that, for this work we never really had to “stay serious.”
We were encouraged to play around and pitch jokes and ideas so it was fun and freeing.
But at the same time it wasn’t all goofs. We had to be professional and on top of our lines and our blocking since it is basically a play.
So the attitude and work was professional, but rarely was I serious. Lotta laughs during filming and rehearsals!


What is your next challenge?
Honestly my next challenge is really to try to find another project that bottles
the magic that we found on Abby’s.
I only ever want to work on ensemble projects in comedy and so I’m looking to jump in on another wild ride.


Do you wish to add something?
I’m sure you know this but Abby’s was filmed outside in front of a live outside and that was the first time ever in history that a multi-cam show was shot primarily outdoors.
It was so special to work in the elements and off a sound stage and in my opinion, worth all the extra work the sound department had to do to make us sound great.

Also if you have any other follow up questions, I’m certainly more free to answer them and now I remain at your disposal. Thank you!


Thank you very much for your interview Kimia I wish you the best
More information about Kimia on Twitter, on Instagram and on IMDb 

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