Exclusive interview with David Johnson Wood an American Actor.

By Jean-Paul Eliard

The December 18  2019


Hi David Johnson, I'm very happy to do this interview.


Thanks for having me, It’s always fun to share my experiences from these films. This one was a blast to work on.
This my second Donnie Yen film in a row. We had just wrapped up ‘Big Brother, Where I always played a US Marine.
That was a combat role taking place in Afghanistan, a place where I was a Marine fighting the initial sure in the GWOT and putting the footprints down for Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001-2002.


Could you tell us about your character Marine Sargeant in Ip Man 4: The Finale ?

My character is a Marine Drill Sergeant, he’s ferocious, but also compassionate and you’ll see his demeanor change from running his Platoons around to being quite disgusted by how his fellow Marine treat the outsiders.
It was a blast putting on the dress uniforms that used to wear in garrison. 

Chris Collins 

What did you like when you read the script ?

When I did the casting, we were reading off of ‘Full Metal Jacket’, I knew those lines by heart as most Marines do, so I immediately went right into character and was chosen on the spot. 


How was the filming with your co-stars and the director Wilson Yip ?

Everyone was brilliant, Watching Scott Adkins perfect his craft in this was truly humbling. Most don’t see the work that goes into these films, especially the fighting choreography, it’s grueling.
Scott is such a badass to watch and  work with. 

Chris Collins is a mate of mine in Hong Kong, he was also a Marine, so it really epic and authentic having Marines playing Marines, it made for a very special film.

Wilson Yip was such a blessing to work with, he gave me total free range on the script, he wanted it authentic and gritty, so that’s how we did it. 

Vanessa Wu

Did you perform with your co-stars before ?

I’d worked with Donnie Yen before, in ‘Big Brother’, before shooting this.
I played myself, A US Marine fighting terrorists in Afghanistan.
Donnie is so humble and such a skilled man, from directing, writing, acting, weapons, martial arts, you name it, he’s  mastered it.


You are US Marine Veteran, did you give your advice during the filming ?

Yes, They gave me total free range, I rewrote lines in my scenes and write the voice overs as well, it’s was really an honor that they wanted it authentic and were wide open to my ideas as a Marine.
They Even allowed me to rearrange parts of the set. 

Scott Adkins

Can you tell us more on your role and the storiline of your next movie Sons of the Neon Night ?

All I can tell you is that I’m a mercenary and that the movie is a wild one, buckle up, there’s a bit of everything in that film! I had a blast working on it.



What is your next challenge ?

I’ll be working non-stop in Spain with my partners and Blaze Media 2020. I’ll also be working on camera and behind it with my partner and Navy Seal Brother, Marc Lonergan Hertel.
We are working on a piece restoring the scarred warrior and inviting the adventures for a life changing event called ‘The Path’. 

Paco Wong (Sun Entertainment Group)

Do you wish to add something ?

My Main work is as CEO of VIRTUS OUTDOOR GROUP (VOG). 

You can find our apparel

And story at:




Thank you very much for your interview David Johnson. I wish you the best

More information about David Johnson, on instagram and on IMDb

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