Exclusive interview with Kash Hovey American Actor, Producer, Director and Writer

By Jean-Paul Eliard
The March 2, 2023


Hi Kash, I'm happy to do this interview   
Can you introduce yourself to the visitors of cinema-movietheater.com? 

My names is Kash Hovey. I’m based in LA and I currently host the talk show

"On Air with Ka$h.”
What did you interest when you read a script? 
The subject of a story is what intrigues me and I have to identify with the characters and find something to relate to in order to stay invested.   

Credit photos : Bella Saville

How did you prepare for your roles as actor?
 Each role requires different approaches depending on the character.

Knowing the text is the first step.

The rehearsals is where I start to develop a rhythm with the other actors which prepare us for the magic we create when the camera starts rolling. 
You have been sereval awards (17 wins & 1 nomination), Is there an award that you prefer more than the others for the role or other?      

“On Air with Ka$h” won best Variety Talk Series, Podcast or Entertainer at Film Fest LA at LA Live.

That was a special win because I feel like it acknowledged the team especially our executive producer Michelle Beaulieu and the guests we’ve had on that have made the show possible.

Credit photos : Bella Saville

When and why did you choose to be an actor?
 I performed in a showcase when I was 15 which led to me getting an agent and starting to act professionally.

You are James in The Girl Next Door Is Always Screaming, which will release in USA the December 2, 2023

Could you tell us more about your role and the storyline? 
The story centers around Laura, played by Kansas Bowling (Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood). The character I play James, is a mysterious figure who appears as a representative for an business that Laura becomes involved in.

Kash Hovey and Kansas Bowling The Girl Next Door.

".......In 2021, Kash launched his own talk show On Air with Ka$h on YouTube where he interviews celebrities about their upcoming film and TV roles. So far he's had on such guests as Beverly D'Angelo, Whitney Cummings, Cary Elwes, Brian Austin Green, Danny Trejo, Daniel Gillies, Kristoffer Polaha, Eric Nelsen, Samantha Bailey, Cassandra Scerbo, Symonne Harrison, and Olivia d'Abo........"
(Source his Biography on IMDb Pro) 
When and why did you decide to do your talk show?
Prior to the Pandemic, I had been working with comedians and getting into podcasts.

After hosting some Instagram Live interviews while we were at home, I decided to build a studio and create a talk show. I’ve always had so much love and respect for the people I’ve worked with.

The show started as a way to share stories with colleagues and talk about the projects we’ve collaborated on.

As the show built and audience, I began having conversations with people who I hadn’t met yet but whose work I’d always admired.

I’ve enjoyed having more open discussions with people and talking about the struggles we’ve had not just in the industry but in life and how we’ve overcome them.
What is your next challenge / project?     
 I’m currently developing a feature film with Jax Malcolm, Kira Reed Lorsch, Samantha Bailey and Lance Alexander called “The Listening.”  
Do you wish to add something? 
Believe in yourself, never give-up, and keep moving forward. 

Thank you very much for your interview Kash and I wish you all the best.
Thank you.
More information about Kash on Instagram, on Facebook, on Twitter,

on Youtube and on IMDb

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