Exclusive interview with Aaron Douglas a Canadian Actor, Writer and Producer

By Jean-Paul Eliard

The 16 December 2020


Hi Aaron, I'm very happy to do this interview. And I hope this finds you and yours safe and healthy.

What did you like in your character about Sampson in Operation Christmas Drop ?
I liked that he lives in Guam and that I got to go there and film. HA.
I appreciate that he is a tough on the outside but inside a nice man with a big heart and when it comes to doing the right thing he does it.

What did you like when you read the script ?

It is such an amazing story of humanitarianism and the fact that so many people continue this wonderful work every year is just wonderful.
That and how the writers took the great real life story and wove in a beautiful love story makes it all the better.


How is the filming with Kat Graham, Janet Kidder, Trezzo Mahoro, Alexander Ludwig, Jeff Joseph.........and the Director Martin Wood ?

The cast were just all wonderful people.
 didn’t get to work with everyone but

I met most in and around the hotel and they were great to sit with and chat. Martin Wood is one of my favourite directors in the business and he is the reason I was able to film this movie and I will be eternally grateful to him for that. I would fly anywhere to work with Martin. 

Did you perform with your co-stars before this movie ?
The only person I had worked with before was Martin and a few crew people. There also was a member of the crew, Perry, who I know from years and years on Battlestar Galactica and it was great to see him and hang out. He’s a great guy.

People Aaron Douglas
Titles Operation Christmas Drop

how long did the shooting last for this movie ?

My piece was filmed in a day but I was in Guam for almost 2 weeks because I wanted to visit the island and see the sights. 


What do you like about Christmas ?

The memories from childhood. 
The fantasy of Santa and the Elves. The wonder of it all.

The beautiful lights and decorations. Visiting with the people you love and having nothing else to do but eat and drink and be merry.

I read on IMDB Pro that you performed in 2 episodes about Stargate SG-1. I liked this serie. Could you tell us as was the filming of this serie ?

My first episode of Stargate was the first ever thing I booked as an actor. I had no idea what I was doing and I just got caught up in it all.

But what an awesome experience. The second episode I got to work with Christopher Judge and we developed a great friendship that lasts to this day. What a great guy he is. 


I know it is difficult to predict for movies, TV series....... for the moment with the Covid-19, but what is your next challenge ?

I did a small part on a Hallmark movie which should come out in 2021 and I am currently writing my next comic book for AfterShock comics.

It will also come out in 2021.

Do you wish to add something ?

Just a thank you to all the fans around the world who have been so good to me and supported me throughout the years. Covid will end and we will get back to visiting each other and I look forward to the day when I can once again stand on a stage and tell my silly stories at a convention. 

Thank you very much for your interview Aaron. I wish you all the best

More information about Aaron on IMDb

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