Exclusive interview with Wendy Crewson, Canadian Actress and Producer

By Jean-Paul Eliard
The February 5th, 2019


Hi Wendy first, I'm very happy to do this interview about you..


What did you like about the storyline and your role in the serie
The Detail ?

The story of three women in a predominantly male work place was the hook for me in The Detail...each of their points of view. The woman who was just starting out, trying to prove herself, bridling against what she sees as constrictive rules holding her back.
The woman who is mid career, juggling a family and work, holding together a marriage, fighting the pulls of parenting and work. And finally the woman who has been the pioneer, pushing through the ranks despite tremendous obstacles, having to be more diligent and hardworking, than her male counterparts just to be thought of as half as good.
The old Ginger Rogers analogy. Doing everything he’s doing but backwards and in high heels. This is Fiona. Literally. And she holds tight to those hard norms that got her to the top, like a life raft in the debris. A failed marriage, the detritus of the price paid. And how she must still fight those battles as if her life depends on it. Because it does. 
I find women’s lives fascinating. 


How was the filming?
Doing a series is a marathon. 


When and why did you choose to be an actress ?
Standing on a small, empty church basement stage I had a vision that this is what I would do. I was three. 


How was the filming for Air Force One (1997) with Harrison Ford?
Air Force One was the big time. The biggest sound stage on the Lorimar lot in Culver City. The one where they shot The Wizard of Oz. A replica of the plane was built out of wood so the exterior looked like some Viking ship.
And when you walked in the stage, pitch black but for the interior all lit up, it was magnificent. 
Harrison Ford. The biggest star. Arriving into hair and makeup, sitting beside you in the trailer in his motorcycle leather and a crooked smile.
Also magnificent. 
I was a tiny player in the big top. I had been invited to the circus. 


What is the role you have played, who was the hardest but the most rewarding for you?
Sue Rodriguez developed ALS when she was in her thirties, unhappily married with a young son. Her life still unformed, unrealized, still bumping along in the dark, speeding through the lists of what she thought she should do, of what was expected. She was crystallized by this diagnosis. In losing her breath she found her voice. But ‘acting’ a disease must be right. For everyone who knows exactly what it is. You have to do it for them. I had to find the courage not to be pressured to move along fast as we filmed.  To ignore the clock that ticks in my head during scenes because the filming day needs to filled. I had to go only at her pace, which was  slow. But it was an exquisite discipline. The lesson of detail. 


You won of Awards, what Award and for what role is more important for you?
See the above


What is your next challenge?
Finding relevance. As the world spins into danger what are the ways I can help? How do I find the most effective ways to do what I should or could?

What is next that is meaningful? 


Thank you very much for your interview Wendy and I wish you the best for your future.

More information about Wendy on IMDb, on Twitter and on Facebook

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