Exclusive interview with Takato Yonemoto,  Japanese Actor 

By Jean-Paul Eliard

The 13 March 2024

Hi Takato, I'm glad to do this interview

Likewise. Thank you for reaching out!

Can you introduce yourself to the visitors of cinema-movietheater.com?

Hello, my name is Takato Yonemoto. I’m a Japanese actor started acting career in a Hollywood movie “47 Ronin” starring Keanu Reeves. 

What could you tell us about your character?
I did voice in 3 parts in “Godzilla Minus One”. 
The first one is the announcement introduces a super giant creature appeared and reaches to the islands of Japan in a couple of weeks…

Yet GHQ considered the situation between USA and USSR and can not get involved with any military action. So they request the Japanese government to reinforce Japan’s military strength…
And the second and third are the radio voice that we spotted Godzilla

in Sagami Bay and we need all the ships sally out against Godzilla…

Underwater Megaphone unit annihilated. Godzilla invaded the Sagami Bay. We need Wadatsumi unit must make a sally immediately. 

What did you like when you read the script of this movie?

I loved reading it since it has a good rhythm in the story. It shows how deep each character cares each other yet it doesn’t lose the tempo of entertainment.
I loved the balance between deep emotions and the rhythm of entertainment in the movie. 

How did you prepare for your role?

In the preparation, I collected many photos from WWII and put myself in the fear to encounter something we’ve never seen or experienced. At the same time,

I kept my purpose that drives me go forward.

A reason that makes me focus on delivering my words to the listeners. Fear and Purpose are birth parents of my voices in this Godzilla movie. 

Credit photo : Takato Yonemoto

How is the shooting with Minami Hamabe, Sakura Ando, Ryunosuke

Kamiki.......... and the director Takashi Yamazaki?

Recording with Dir. Yamasaki san was extraordinary. After we had the first take, he came to me and told me that he liked my voice.

Maybe it’s his way to relax actors. Then he started explaining how bad the sound quality of the radio back then could be.

And he asked me to enunciate each letter clear and precise.

Articulation is the key to delivery the words to someone who might be in somewhere extremely noisy, like war zones. Secondly, he asked me to sit on the chair with a good posture.

And it helped me to indulge myself to 1940s.

With his advices I could feel that I’m in 1945 recording the important news to save my people. Yamazaki san is magical  he can timetravel me to the epic moments when an unknown monster comes to destroy my whole world. 

Where is the movie shot?

We recorded at TOHO Studios in Tokyo. 

What is your next challenge / project?

You can see me in Gannibal season 2 on Disney Plus in this fall or winter. And so many more projects coming out soon. Please stay tuned. 

Do you wish to add something ?

Do you have anyone like me in France? If not, I’d love to join a great French project and looking forward to seeing myself in a French movie!
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Thank you very much for your interview Takato I wish you all the best

More information about Takato on Instagram, on Facebook and on IMDb



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