Exclusive interview with Tim Rozon a Canadian  Actor and Producer

By Jean-Paul Eliard

The June  17  2020


Hi Tim, I'm very happy to do this interview. And I hope this finds you and yours safe and healthy. 

What could you tell us about your character Isaac in TV Series Vagrant Queen (2020– ) ?

Isaac is a Canadian man that was catapulted from Earth to another galaxy.

He is on a mission to get back to his wife and new born child on Earth.

He is also a bit of a goof ball  :)

Titles: Vagrant Queen, Yippee Ki Yay
People: Tim Rozon
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How is the filming with your co-stars and the creator Jem Garrard ?

It was awesome. The three of us had great chemistry from the first table read

so I knew it would be fun. Jem is an amazing person.

She’s a great leader. She’s cares so much about the show it’s awesome. Adriyan is a great actor and we worked well off of each other.

Alex and I became really close. She’s like my new bff.


Did you perform with your co-stars before ? 


Titles: Vagrant Queen, Nobody's Queen
People: Tim Rozon
© 2020 Syfy Media, LLC

What was it like filming in South Africa ? 

I love South Africa. Some of my favourite crew and cast mates of all time. I made great friendships there that will last a life time.


Vagrant Queen based on the Vault Comics series by Eisner and GLAAD Award-Winning writer Magdalene.

Did you read Comics before to perform in this serie ?

I did. I read them right after I was cast as Isaac.

Everyone should read those comics. They’re amazing.

Titles: Vagrant Queen, Nobody's Queen
People: Tim Rozon, Alex McGregor
© 2020 Syfy Media, LLC


How long did the shooting for one season about Vagrant Queen ?

It took almost half a year. A lot of time I felt like Isaac while we were filming because I was so far from home and my wife back home and we were just about to have a child of our own.


Can you tell us more on your role and the storiline of your next movie "Beginner's Luck (2021)" who will release in 2021 in Canada ?

I can’t say anything. Except it was filmed mostly in Havana, Cuba and it’s hilarious.

Titles: Vagrant Queen, Temple of Doom
© 2020 Syfy Media, LLC

Could you tell us more on your documentary that you produced  feature Shuckers, about the world of oysters and those who shuck them ?

It was a documentary I made over the course of five years following oyster shuckers and farmers around the world.

It’s really about ocean sustainability and the effect oysters have on the ocean and their eco system.


In 2011 you won Gemini Awards. For the Best Performance by an Actor in a Guest Role Dramatic Series for Flashpoint (2008)

For the episode "I'd Do Anything". 

What memories do you keep of this award and of your character in this series ?

I was the first time I ever won anything. 

I had already been acting along time at that point so it felt really good to be validated by receiving an award for my work.

I remember most of all our director Helen Shaver. She was incredible.

Titles: Vagrant Queen, In a Sticky Spot
People: Tim Rozon, Alex McGregor, Adriyan Rae
© 2020 Syfy Media, LLC


Do you like Poutine, the Quebec Dish ? 

I do but only the cheap one that you get from the hot dog places. Like Paul’s patate. They have the best poutine.


What is your next challenge ?

I’m just waiting to go back and finish Season 4 of Wynonna Earp!! 

We were only half way finished when Corona Virus hit and put everything on hold.

Titles: Vagrant Queen, Sunshine Express Yourself
© 2020 Syfy Media, LLC

Do you wish to add something ?

Just a big thank you to everyone that watches and supports anything I do!!

Thank you very much for your interview Tim . I wish you the best
More information about Tim on Twitter on Instagram and  on IMDb

My Criticism:

Vagrant Queen is an action, science fiction television series.
And with humor.
They  takes everything  that is great in the comic.
Adriyan Rae, Alex McGregor, Paul du Toit, Tim Rozon ........... bring these characters to life with panache and exuberance.
There is a tiny bit of Star Wars.
This show is really well done
To see


My grade :
09 / 10

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