Exclusive interview with Sharune, Actress & PA

By Jean-Paul Eliard

The 27 January 2022


Hi Sharune, I’m glad to do this interview and happy new year 2022!

Happy New Year to you too! Thank you for your invitation! 


Can you introduce yourself to the visitors of cinema-movietheater.com?

Sure! My name is Sharune, I am an actress and PA, based in London, UK.


Could you tell us about your Akasha role in Loving Emily?

Loving Emily is a story about a girl named Emily and how she is happier than she has ever been.
Her boyfriend Nicholas comes to stay at her family Manor home and her beloved sister Clara returns from her travels across the world. It should be the perfect week, but unbeknownst to Emily, her sister comes back with a disturbing secret and a twisted agenda that will plunge the couple into a nightmare spiralling out of control.
The project is still in the final stages of production, so I cannot spoil too many details, but Akasha is a powerful connection to sister Clara and, hopefully, viewers will enjoy watching it. Watch out on socials for the release.

Sharune in the Loving Emily promo poster

What did you find interest in when you read the script?

To be honest, I was fascinated from the moment I read it. The storyline is so good! Besides I loved Akasha and saw quite a few bridges connecting me and her as a character.
I remember, the whole audition process took a few months, so I was thrilled to be chosen! 


How did you prepare for your roles?

Everyone has their story, and to become Akasha, I first nurtured respect for her. I spent a lot of time on research, including timelines and influences, experimented, improvised, put a lot of effort into understanding her. 


You played a wide variety of roles, is there a role that you prefer more than the others?

Some roles feel closer to heart than others, but that’s the joy of being an actor – you get to explore the space between you and the character! I like to delve into that dark between conscious and unconscious connections, find differences and similarities. It is a constant discovery process lasting a lifetime that I am very grateful for!

Sharune as Sarah in Comic Timing production, dir Debbie Howard

When and why did you choose to be an actress?

I was new in London and photo modelling a lot. I went to an acting workshop for confidence building, and I loved it! It was a vibe, and I decided to pursue this craft further.
Acting as a job gives me space to nurture creativity and grow as a person. Ever since I made this decision, I met so many amazing people and experienced great challenging and rewarding moments. It feels like Universe aligns thoughts with things.

Sharune in VIGOUR magazine

Are there a lot of Lithuanian movies that release in Lithuania?

Lithuania has great filming locations and has attracted the eye of quite a few productions. I have just got an agent there, will see if I get to shoot there too!


In 2020 you won Equity Student Bursary.
Could you tell us more about this Award?

Oh, it was such a great honour to receive it! And I took it to a certain degree as a personal confirmation that I am on the right path.
The ceremony made a beautiful mark on my heart.
I met many great actors such as Lucy Briers, Anna Carteret, Sir Ian McKellen, to be able to talk to idols, never imagined being possible.
It opened more possibilities and opportunities.
You have just been featured on the cover of LeDesir Magazine January issue.  Could you tell us more about that?

I must say, it was an awesome start to the year! I appreciate LeDesir choice! The photos were taken by an amazing photographer Ehimetalor 'Metty' Unuabona in the colourful Notting Hill. It was a great creative exploration process.

Sharune on the cover of the Le Desir magazine

I know it is difficult to predict what the future holds for movies, TV series, etc. for the moment with Covid-19, but what is your next challenge / project?

It is difficult to predict, but there are Covid guidelines that we follow in productions at the moment. I was chosen to help with Reconstruction of ITV/Summer films two-part series documentary collaboration ‘The Speedboat Killer:
The Killing of Charlotte Brown’ which just aired in December. We explored the events that led to the tragic incident while reconstructing the scenes.
Producers Sam Whittaker and Lucy Hillman were amazing and very insightful, and I learnt a lot about the filmmaking process as well.

And I have a few projects in progress!
At the moment I am assisting with a short film production, an exciting story by a well-known director as well as prepping for a lead role in feature production. That’s on top of my studies at Identity School of Acting and auditions! 


Do you wish to add something?

Thank you for your time today, I enjoyed it! Wishing you health and happiness for the future!


Thank you very much for your interview, Sharune, and I wish you all the best.


More information about Sharune on www.sharune.co.uk, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram and on  IMDb 


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