Exclusive interview with Richard Bhakti Klein, American Actor

By Jean-Paul Eliard

The 29 June 2022


Hi Richard Bhakti, I'm glad to do this interview
Thank you, I am also very happy to be here.


Can you introduce yourself to the visitors of cinema-movietheater.com?
Surely. I'm Richard Bhakti Klein, an actor and musician. I grew up in South Florida in the US, lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for a long time, and relocated to Mumbai, India in 2009. I've been a performing artist my whole life, and I've been coming to India for more than 25 years.


What could you tell us about your character as Sexist Journalist ?
This remarkable film is about Mithali Raj, who was the captain of the India women's national cricket team and is one of the greatest woman cricketers

of all time.

The movie tells her struggles in a male-dominated world, and her triumphs on the cricket pitch. I play a journalist who asks her a question in a press conference.

The question is a bit disrespectful as it's about her favorite male cricketer, instead of being about herself as a great cricketer.

It's an example of the prejudice and the many obstacles she had to overcome in her career.

What did you like when you read the script ?
I liked how the film told her story in an entertaining and engaging way while also showing everything she had to overcome.


How did you prepare for your roles?

I have a routine where I learn my lines well in advance, spend the day before the shoot meditating and setting my intention, and then waking up early to a good breakfast.

After that, I leave everything in the hands of our amazing director, Srijit Mukherji, who is certainly one of the finest directors working in Indian cinema today. 

How is the shooting with Taapsee Pannu, Vijay Raaz....... and the director Srijit Mukherji ?
The shoot was a wonderful experience. It was a lot of fun and it was wonderful to watch everyone at work.

Everyone is a consummate professional and extremely talented, and it's always a pleasure to shoot under such conditions.

I've had the pleasure and honour of working with director Srijit Mukherji a few times in the past, including on his lovely Bengali film X = Prem which was recently released. Srijit Mukherji is a true artist and a great inspiration to myself and many other actors.

Every time I work with him is a fantastic experience, and I do hope to work with him again in the future, God willing.


How long did the shooting for this movie?

My scenes in this film only lasted two days of shooting. It was a very organized and efficient shoot, and of course that always comes from the director.

When and why did you choose to come to Mumbai? 
I first visited India in 1995 and fell in love with the country immediately.

I arranged things in my life so that I could move here in 2009, and it's been a dream come true.

For me, this is the most exciting and warmest place on Earth, and I wake up every day grateful to be here.

Mumbai and all of India certainly have their problems, but the people are incredibly open-hearted and every day is an adventure. 

what is your next challenge / project?

I'm busy shooting the second season of an Amazon Prime show about a hospital and its remarkable staff.

You can also see me on Netflix in the worldwide smash hit RRR.  Beyond that, I'm going on auditions, staying in shape musically, and spending time with wonderful friends here in my adoptive country. 

Do you wish to add something ?
Thank you so much for your interest. I hope the arts can bring some understanding and joy to the world in these difficult times.

Peace and love to everyone.

Thank you very much for your interview Richard Bhakti I wish you all the best


More information about Richard Bhakti  on Instagram and on IMDb

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