Exclusive interview with Emma Berman American Actress

By Jean-Paul Eliard

The 04 June 2021


Hi Emma , I'm glad to do this interview and I hope you are well


Can you introduce yourself to the visitors of cinema-movietheater.com ?
Hello,  my  name  is  Emma  Berman.  I am  12  years  old,  and  I live  in  Northern California with  my  parents,  my grandma  and  my  cat  Peppa. 

I just  finished  7th  grade  and  I am  very  excited  for  summer!

Working From Home. Emma and her cat Peppa. Photo credit Emma Berman

You lend your voice to one of the stars "Giulia", friend of "Luca" for the animation movie Disney Pixar’s "Luca" Could you tell us about your character?
Giulia  is  an  Italian  girl  about  my  age.  She  is  smart,  brave,  determined, strong,  passionate, intense, genuine  and  a bit  goofy. 

I really  love  her  bright  red  hair  which  perfectly  matches  her  fiery  personality.

The studio to continue recording. Photo credit Emma Berman

What did you like when you read the script?
When  I was  reading  the  script,  I enjoyed  seeing  Italian  words  because  I love  exploring  different  cultures and  languages.

I thought  the  scenes  I auditioned with  were  very  funny,  and  I enjoyed  playing  around with  how  Giulia  might  act  and  sound  when  meeting  Luca  and  Alberto.

How did you get this dubbing ?
I first  auditioned in  November of 2019  and  got  an  in-person callback  about  a month  later. 

It  was  my  first time  going  to  the  Pixar  studios  headquarters in  Emeryville, not  too  far  from  my  house  in  San  Francisco.

I heard  from  the  agent  that  the  Pixar  team  liked  me  and  wanted  to  bring  me  back  into  the  studios  in  January  of 2020  to  do  some  scratch  recordings for  Giulia. 

Then  about  3 months  later,  mid-March of  2020,  I had  a surprise zoom  call  with  director,  Enrico  Casarosa  and  producer, Andrea  Warren  giving  me
the  part  of Giulia!  This  was  the  best  day  of my  life.  I still  can't  believe 

I got  this  part!

How long did it take to dub your character?
I started  recording in  the  Spring  of 2020  and  worked  through  the  end  of   2020.

What is the biggest difficulty when you are dubbing?
And are you alone or with other actors / actresses?

The  hardest  part  of   the  recording process  for  me  was  setting  up  to  work  from  home  because  of   the pandemic.

I really  missed  going  into  the  Pixar  studios  and  visiting  the  campus.  When  I worked  at   Pixar,  I did  not  record  with  any  of   the  other  actors,  just  with  our  director  Enrico.​

You work your accents, and you speak fluent Russian too.
Do you have a family in Russia?  And Did you go to Russia already?

Yes  I do!  My  mom's  brother  and  his  family  and  my  grandpa  all  live  in  Moscow, Russia. 

Also,  my  dad's cousin  lives  in  Moscow with  his  family  who  I am  pretty  close  with,  so I have  a lot  of cousins and  relatives over  there. 

I have  been  to  Russia  once  when  I was  9 years  old  and  I had  lots  of  fun learning  about  my culture and  the  birthplace of both  of   my  parents. 

I mostly  stayed  in  Moscow, but  we  also  visited  St. Petersburg, where 

I loved  visiting  the  museums and  walking  around  the  old  town  and  the  famous streets.

Photo credit Emma Berman

When and why did you choose to be an actress?
When  I was  8 years  old,  I did  a theatre  summer  camp  that  was  staging  a production of Annie  and  I landed  the  role  of   Annie! 

I really  enjoyed  doing  theater  from  then  on  and  that  is  how  it  all started for me!

What role would you like to play and what kind of film?
I would  love  to  be  in  a TV  series  or a movie.

I think  it  would  be  very  fun  to  meet  and  work  with  other actors  and  be  on  set  for  an  action  or comedy movie!

To be an actress at 12 years old, is that a problem for your studies?
Although  it  is  not  usually  a problem with  my  studies,  sometimes I have  recording sessions  that  happen during  my  class  time,  so I just  have  to  catch  up  on  any  missed  work  later. 

For  the  most  part,  my  career does  not  cause  many  conflicts  with  my  studies. 

I have  a very  supportive school  community and  my principal  and  teachers  actually  want  to  watch  me  in  various theater  productions outside  of school. I am very  grateful  for  my  school's  support!

What do you like doing outside of acting?
Some  of my  favorite  things  to  do  outside  of acting  are  go-karting, reading,  playing  my  guitar,  watching old  black  and  white  movies  and  drawing  or painting.

I know it is difficult to predict what the future holds for movies, TV series, etc. for the moment with Covid-19, but what is your next challenge / project?
I am  very  grateful  that  I have  been  able  to  work  during  the  pandemic.

I am  currently  recording at   home for  a new  animated series  project,  and  though  I can’t  share  any  details  yet,  I know  it  will  be  a super  fun
project  audiences will  love!​

Do you wish to add something?
Thank you so much for this interview opportunity and the really fun questions I enjoyed answering for you! 


Thank you so much for your interview Emma and I wish you all the best and take care


More information about Emma on her website, on Instagram,  and on IMDb.

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