Exclusive interview with  Andrea Sooch Hungarian Actresse and Additional Crew

By Jean-Paul Eliard
November 30 2022


Hi  Andrea I'm glad to do this interview


Can you introduce yourself to the visitors of cinema-movietheater.com?
I was created in Hungary, and crafted in the USA. My journey took me from Budapest through Vienna to NYC, where I have resided since 1994.
I love the stage and was lucky enough to have performed there beginning at the age of 6; as a child singer and violinist, opera singer, musical theater triple threat, stage and screen actor.
Maybe it’s my Gemini nature, maybe because I’m the child of a performer and

a professor that I have always enjoyed being in both worlds – Arts + Academia.
Currently, I am working as an actor, therapist, and professor in the USA.

The common thread is my curiosity of human behavior and my love to serve others by using my strengths. 
What could you tell us about your character Svetlana ?
I love Svetlana! She really cares and wants the very best for Jacob.

She notices that Jacob is “always alone” and honest enough to voice her observation.

Or her opinion? Or her wish to change it? Or all of the above?

How did you prepare for your role?
I was imagining people in my life who I care about – family, friends, clients, students, etc.

How would I share my observations and views to bring them to their attention? How can it be gentle enough so it’s easy to hear, yet firm enough that it's heard? How can I invite different perspectives, yet respect their boundaries and choices? 
What interests you when you read the script about this movie?
I was immediately engaged and incredibly grateful to be one of the puzzle pieces for the big picture.

I have always enjoyed getting the revisions of the script and watching the story shape to its final version on screen

How is the shooting with Justin Hartley, Bonnie Bedelia, Barrett Doss........ and the director Charles Shyer?
AH-MAAAAAZING!!! I felt connected to Justin and Charles 30 seconds after we met. I felt so welcomed and included.

It was super fun to play all day in the presence of the extraordinary creative team, cast and crew.

I will always remember that day with a huge smile in my heart. 
where is the movie shot? And when ?
We were shooting the scene in May 2021 in New Caanan in Connecticut, not too far from New York City 

What is your next challenge / project?
There are a few things lined up that at this moment I can’t talk about, and 3 projects in post-production, which are listed on IMDb.


Do you wish to add something?
Sure. When we love what we do and do what we love, we will be happier.
That positive energy radiates out to inspire others.
Please remember to use your powers for good!


Thank you very much for your interview  Andrea and I wish you the best

More information about  Andrea on www.andreasooch.net, on  Instagram,  on Linkedin and on  IMDb.


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My preview

Very good Christmas movie.
The actors and actresses are very good too but a special mention to Justin Hartley and Barrett Doss.
The chemistry between the two actors makes for a great time.
The end is a little short, I would have liked to know more
To see


My grade
08 / 10


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