Exclusive interview with  Jakari Fraser. American Actor and Additional Crew

By Jean-Paul Eliard

The Match 09,  2023



Hi Jakari  I'm glad to do this interview

Can you introduce yourself to the visitors of cinema-movietheater.com?
Sure, my name is jakari Fraser and I am 12 years old! I am a actor, a hunger hero and I love to play basketball 


In the animated  TV serie Spidey and His Amazing Friends you are the voice of Spider-Man (Spin).

What could you tell us about your character ? 

Yes, my character is miles morales AKA spin. Miles is a artist, he loves to paint. He also has an amazing cloaking power which gives him the ability to turn invisible right before people’s eyes, it’s a pretty cool power.

I actually wish I had that in real life (laughs)

What interests you when you read the scipt about  this TV serie?

 I would have to say the incredible team work that the spidey team and our amazing friends uses to take down Dock ock and the other bad guys.

It’s always very creative and in the beginning when it seems like we are all going in different directions the script always brings us back together and we work any problem out with teamwork.


How did you get this role?

I had to audition for the role. And actually they passed on me the first time. So I auditioned a second time when the audition was rereleased and I got the call after a few weeks that I booked the job. It was the best phone call yet! 

What do you look for in a character when you do a voice?

I honestly love animation so I would have to say what I look for in a character is for the character to be vibrant, funny, high energy and a character with a positive message or teachable moments like the characters I currently play.


How do you identify and find the voice of an animated character? 

It’s just basically a feeling, as i read for the role I start to envision the scene I’m in, which helps me to bring the character to life. From there the character traits start to come alive and after that a voice usually starts to form for that specific character.

You are Young Ant-Man Fan in the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023).

Could you tell us more about your role and the shooting of this movie with your co-stars?

Oh man! That was a dream come true, my role wasn’t significantly big but when I saw myself in the trailer I couldn’t believe it. the director, all the producers and Paul Rudd were really so impressed because I am the voice of miles morales in spidey and his amazing friends.

I met both Paul Rudd and the director on the day of my fitting, I was able to watch Paul Rudd do a scene that day and the director came over to me and we talked for a while, it was such an awesome time.

Shooting the scene was also pretty cool because we were shooting in a old town in Los Angeles and it was pretty windy.

Paul Rudd was a very nice guy, it was very funny because we high five in the scene but we missed eachothers hand a few times (laughs)

What would you like to do as character now in the franchise Marvel / Disney?

I would like to play a live action version of miles morales! I have been doing parkour since I was 4, I am in Shanobi ti (which is serious training) and I am a phenomenal actor. I feel like God has been preparing for this role. 


When and why did you choose to be an actor?

 I actually told my mom when I was five that God told me I was supposed to be on the tv. I don’t know why but I just always knew even back then this is what I want to do and that still hasn’t changed. 

What is your next challenge / project?

I have a few animation deals that I am currently workign on, some have went into post production but they are very confidential and can not be disclosed at this time. I will be more than happy to tell you guys about it when I can.


Do you wish to add something?

 I want to thank you guys for this interview as I am always grateful to share my story with the hopes to inspire others.

I am just a young man with big dreams and aspirations. To all the kids listening, watching or connecting with me in some way keep God first and always believe in yourself you are your biggest fan!

Thank you very much for your interview  Jakari and I wish you the best
More information about  Jakari on Instagram, on Famous Birthday and on  IMDb.

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