Exclusive interview with  Rupali Redd American Actress

By Jean-Paul Eliard

The December 14  2022



Hi  Rupali I'm glad to do this interview

Can you introduce yourself to the visitors of cinema-movietheater.com? 
My name is Rupali Redd, and I'm an actress living in Los Angeles, California. When I'm not acting, I love writing, playing my harp, and sports. 
What could you tell us about your character Grace? 
Grace is a TRUE BELIEVER in not just Santa Claus, but also her dad (Kal Penn), who is tapped to become the next Santa. When things don't go as smoothly as they should, Grace is there to help save Christmas! 

Rupali Redd and Kal Penn

How did you prepare for your role? 
I loved reading all the scripts and working on my lines and thinking about everything from the perspective of a little girl who just loves her Dad and wants to spend as much time with him as possible.

I'm lucky to have a great Dad who spends lots of time with me so it was easy to prepare!  
What interested you when you read the scipt about  this movie?
I really wanted this role because I wanted to go to The North Pole to MEET SANTA!!!!

How is the shooting with Tim Allen, Isabella Bennett........ and the director Jack Burditt? 
Amazing!!!  Tim Allen is super funny on and off set. Isabella Bennet is a wonderful role model. Jack is a super cool guy too!
Where is the movie shot? And when ? 
We shot all of the movie in Spring and Summer in Los Angeles - the snow looked realistic but it wasn't real!

Rupali Redd and Tim Allen

What is your next challenge / project?
 Lots of fun stuff awaits!  


Do you wish to add something? 
Thank you for this interview! :)


Thank you very much for your interview Rupali and I wish you the best
More information about  Rupali, on Instagram, on www.rupaliredd.com  and on  IMDb

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