Unlock (Tamil)

Director: Nirmalan Nadarajah 


In the war-torn interiors of Sri Lanka a few young boys are just looking for a peaceful place to play their imaginary game of combat, naïve to the continuing danger surrounding them. 


About Director: Nirmalan Nadarajah was born in Sri Lanka and moved to Paris at the age of ten. After an early training in music, he started composing advertisement jingles for Red Cross and Toyota. Nadarajah has worked with the Indian music industry as music composer and also been a music producer for Tamil cinema. After working with many notable Indian film directors for over ten years, Nirmalan Nadarajah has recently ventured into film direction and production. Unlock is his first short film. 


Cast: Shobasakthi Antonythasan, Sanjay Kamalakanan , Banugobhan Helankumar

Director of Photography: S Manikandan 
Music Composer: Saiepirathab 
Editor: C S Prem 
Production Designer: C.S.Balachandar
Audiography: A.L.Thukaram J.Maheshwaran
Sound designer: Prathap
Makeup: Pattanam Rasheed 
Vfx: Sokka Vijithan Kamalrangan
Producer: Nirmalan Nadarajah - Dr. Oormila Selvarajah


Official Selections:

1. Cannes Short Film Corner - France - 2017
2. Singapore South Asian International Film Festival - Singapore - 2017
3. Bolton Film Festival - UK - 2017
4. Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival - Canada - 2017
5. Jaipur International Film Festival - India - 2018
6. New York Indian Film Festival - America - 2018

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