Vagrant Queen (USA)

Creator: Jem Garrard
Stars: Adriyan Rae, Alex McGregor,  Tim Rozon, Paul du Toit ...........

Genres: Adventure | Sci-Fi



Former child queen Elida has been on the run since her mother was shot and killed Commander Lazaro, the man responsible for bringing down their empire. A highly skilled fighter, Elida has been living in hiding and making ends meet as a scavenger while the unhinged Lazaro obsesses over tracking her down.

When Elida's old frenemy, Isaac, shows up with news that her mother is still alive, it takes the help of the optimistic mechanic Amae, to escape Lazaro's army and begin the rescue mission across a dangerous galaxy.


To save her mother the team must break into the heavily guarded region of space where Elida once ruled, but an encounter with a group loyal to her former throne forces Elida to face her past as a child queen.

Cannibalistic aliens, dangerous planets, shootouts, karaoke, and parking tickets complicate the journey further, and they don't have long before the increasingly deranged Lazaro catches up to them.


The show has switched to airing THURSDAY nights on SyFy here in the states


To see in replay on Syfy


My Criticism:

Vagrant Queen is an action, science fiction television series.
And with humor.
They  takes everything  that is great in the comic.
Adriyan Rae, Alex McGregor, Paul du Toit ........... bring these characters to life with panache and exuberance.
There is a tiny bit of Star Wars.
This show is really well done
To see


My grade :
08 / 10

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