Exclusive interview about Kevin Guthrie scottish actor and Soundtrack

By Jean-Paul Eliard
The November 02sd, 2018


Hi Kevin, first, I'm very happy to do this interview about you.


What did you like about the storyline and your role in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald ?
At this stage, I have to be very careful about what I can and cannot say about the film, in terms of storyline and the character.

Needless to say I was once again blown away by the scale and ambition behind the project. I have always been a huge fan of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World, as well as being a huge fan of David, the Director.

He is exceptionally good at his job and understands the world implicitly. 
Having the chance to reprise the role of Mr Abernathy was a huge honour and a real treat. Much has changed for Mr Abernathy, there are many magical surprises in store, right from the get go! He is much less tight around the collar this time, I reckon.


How was the filming of this movie?
The shoot for The Crimes of Grindlewald was quite incredible.

We have been joined this time by some really awesome new characters.

Everyone on set and at the studio seems to thrive off the excitement and 'magic' 
that is around the place.

Every day it seemed like there was yet another world to delve into. I had quite a lot 
of stunt work this time around which was fantastic!

I think fans of the first film and the original Potter films will really enjoy immersing themselves in this world once more.

You started with theater in Scotland...
When and why did you choose to be an actor in theater and

after at the cinema?
I spent a lot of time in theatre as a youngster and always thrived off the energy in that environment. I discovered relatively quickly that I was never going to be very academic whilst at school, that led me to thinking about alternative career paths.

I thought I'd give it a shot and I'm delighted I did! Film and Cinema has always been the sector that I strived for.

I've been extremely lucky to take advantage of some really wonderful opportunities brought about by my agent and our team.

Did you have the opportunity to meet or perform with Sean Connery?
I cant say that I have, No. Although, given the opportunity, I would jump at it.

Who wouldn't want to work with The Connery!

What do you think problems with Brexit because Scotland to vote to stay in Europe?
I can only really speak from my own perspective, from the Film & TV industries and already Brexit has created a huge amount of uncertainty, the knock on effect being that producers and financiers are doubtful and unlikely to commit the much needed finance to help support and produce our Independent Films.

The 'Indie Film' market is extremely vital to our Industry as it provides a platform

to each and every voice and story type, making it unique.

Without it, our stories are much less representative, as a result. It is incumbent 
upon us a story tellers and performers that we do everything we can to ensure

that everyone has an equally loud voice.

What is your next challenge?
I recently completed shooting on another Indie film, called Connect, which deals with the issue of Male Suicide, an issue that sadly plagues us in Scotland.

The film explores the central character of Brian, and his inability to comprehend and accept the death of his brother.

The subsequent grief and the lack of proper counsel or support, propels him into an extremely dark and desperate psychological state.

We have plans to promote the film over the coming months through the British and International Film Festival Circuit.


Thank you very much for your interview Kevin and I wish you the best.

More information about Kevin on IMDb.

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