Exclusive interview about Callum Forman English Actor and Writer.

By Jean-Paul Eliard
The October 25th, 2018


Hi Callum, first, I'm very happy to do this interview about you.

‘Thank you so much, very happy to talk with you Jean-Paul’


What did you like about the storyline and your role in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald ?

‘Well to tell the truth, whilst on set not too much about the plot was given away,

we were very much kept in the dark about it.

In fact until my first day I was actually unaware of what part I would be playing.

It was all somewhat of a surprise. But what I can tell you is I played a doorman at a wizards ball.’


How was the filming of this movie?

‘Oh it was excellent fun! I met loads of wonderful people in my short time on set, it was a great pleasure to be a part of that magical, wizards world.’ 


You will be in the movie Dumbo which will release the Mars 29, 2019 in USA. 
How was the filming?

‘Again, fantastic fun! I’ve never seen anything filmed on that scale before.

The enormity of it all was incredible! And once again I met some wonderful people during the shooting process.’ 


When and why did you choose to be an actor?

‘Since I was very young. In fact for as long as I can remember I wanted to do this! When I was just a young boy at school I wouldn’t get any work done as I was too busy thinking about what life would be like to play all these wonderful characters

on a big screen.

I wouldn’t say I have quite got to where I want to be just yet, there is plenty more for me to go at. But I love it, absolutely love it.’ 


What is your next challenge?

‘Well I’m currently working on short film called ‘Most Interesting Ways

To Die’ for which I am acting in.

It will be released the early part of next year hopefully.

As well as writing a few more ideas and concepts alongside my good friends at Peterborough Films, who if you get a chance you should totally check out on YouTube! We have done quite a bit together!’


Do you wish to add something?

‘Just to say Thank You very much indeed for the interview, and thank you

to anyone who took the time to read this!

And of course,enjoy Fantastic Beasts when it comes out!’ 


Thank you very much for your interview Callum and I wish you the best.

More information about  Callum on IMDb

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