Exclusive interview with Alan Applegate , American actor, Second Unit or Assistant Director

By Jean-Paul Eliard
The October 19th, 2018


Hi Alan First, I’m happy to do this interview about you


Can you introduce yourself for the visitors to cinema-movietheater.com?

Hello! My name is Alan Applegate


What did you like about the storyline and in your role in Zero which will release the 21th December 2018?

I like that it evolves arounds a man who goes on a journey to find his

true purpose in life that he never knew was missing and  

I get to play a street urchin that he (Shah Rukn Kahn) has a run in with

while he is on his journey.

How was the filming of Zero?

It was awesome! Everyone on set was very nice and I especially

enjoyed working with actor Shah Rukh Kahn and choreographer Bosco Martis. 

I also made some cool friends on set that I still keep in contact with today.


When and why did you choose to be an actor and Assistant Director?

It all started a couple years ago when my dad asked me if I wanted

to be in a short film that he was acting in called  "The Time Piece",

which my uncle wrote and directed. After that I fell in love with it and now it has become a passion of mine.


What kind of movies do you like?

I lean more towards scary and action packed movies,

but I really don't have a true preference in the type of movies I like.

What is your next challenge?

I am always challenging myself to become a better actor by learning new acting techniques.  So I dedicate the majority of my free time taking different acting classes and workshops.


Do you wish to add something?

I want to thank my dad for introducing me into the world of acting and

for being supportive of me. 

As soon as I told him that I wanted to be an actor he automatically

started taking me to acting classes with him.

My father and I both share a love for acting and we always seem

to find our way into each others films, 

either as a supportive actor or even sometimes as an extra.

Hint: you may find him somewhere in Zero!


Thank you very much for your interview Alan and I wish you the best for your future

Thank you for interviewing me!


More information on Alan on IMDb, on Twitter and on Instagram 

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