From Jean-Paul Eliard, founder of


I am contacting you to request a donation that would allow me to develop my website


You will tell me why not advertise or look for sponsors.

If I do not accept advertising or sponsorship, it is to avoid the influence of advertisers or of sponsors on the content (*) of my website  

By founding, I decided to make it something different for you too because without advertising, you can browse without unwanted intrusion.

Thank you for considering giving me a donation of the amount you want  in order to preserve


With my sincere thanks.


Jean-Paul ELIARD
Founder of

(*) My Interviews, my selection of films, TV series ......

Where will your donation go:
For the development of my website to have more visitors, to make 2 websites one in French and one in English to move to the previews, to make video interviews 
if possible ……………


Personal :

To be able to live from my passion and share it with you.

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