Zoey Lee's Exclusive interview with Cinema-movietheater.com

By Jean-Paul Eliard
The 23 June 2016 


Hello Zoey, can you introduce visitors to cinema-movietheater.com?
*Sure, it's my pleasure to recommend all readers to Cinema-MovieTheater.com since it is such great information’s resource for everyone loving Cinema!

When you discovered your passion for cinema?

*Cinema discovery happened at quite a young age for me, I would say around 5 Years old when I started to watch television and go to school. That is when I saw my first Walt Disney Films! It was a new imaginary world opening up to me and I became a very big fan of everything concerning magic too.

Why did you choose to be an actress ?

* This answer may sound like a "cliché" but like others said before me “I did not choose, it choose me". 
Even before starting school I became my Mom's natural clown, she was very sad and depressed due to the previous loss of her first husband at 34 years old, he died in a truck accident and her second husband, my father was not being there all the time for our family, so it became a second nature for me to make her laugh as much as I could. 
Perhaps it looks a lot like something heard before but nevertheless it was my life and our family truth…   
Also my Grand Mother was a real born comedian, I remember how she did her “program” every new year’s eve and I naturally followed in her steps doing my music teacher’s comic impersonating for the whole family…

What is the role you have played, who was the hardest but the most rewarding for you?

*As crazy as it may sound, I have played a lots of “nonprofessionals roles” since I was constantly doing characters at a young age. Also, in elementary school I took every chance I could to be in front of my class doing my little show… 
I remember how the teacher used to say when I was 9 years old while introducing my “act” to the class: 
“We are keeping Suzanne for desert!” Then, for once, I would be quiet listening to all the other kids doing their recitations. I just could not figure out why they hated it so much while I just loved every seconds of it!

Around the same period of time, I sang in English one song of “the Sound of Music” on stage while not knowing 
a single word of English, in front of the whole French School! During that time, I was as much into sports as I was into those activities, I just loved it! One time I even rang the bell so that our class could have our sport’s time and it actually worked, 
we did!

Life was just a Fairy tale for me; I was favored in school and at home for being the youngest. In secondary school I started to be active in school’s play, always taking the leading roles even if it gave me extra work. Even then, my life with my friends was just perfect, but it all ended at 12 years old when my parents officially divorced and we moved near Ontario. After that, I only reconnected with acting at French College and Theater School.

This is where the hardest scenario happened. In fact, it occurred in a surprising improvisation where each student had to go in the corridor while the others were discussing what would be the improvisation's theme for this person. My theme was death, so as soon as they opened the door, they pretend I was dead so no one made eye's contact with me or even talked to me,  they just picked me up to carry me as if I was in a coffin to be buried! Totally weird! But I had no choice only to go through it no matter how I actually felt about the whole thing.

The whole thing made me sick to my stomach since I had always been afraid of death. It came from my childhood visits and memories to my other side of the family grandparent’s house where my grandfather was an embalmer and in those days he had his house at the same place of his funeral parlor…

Nevertheless I played the game but since it was so unexpected I was really not in my comfort zone to say the least but I could hide it well… 

What kind of movies do you like?

 I like all kind of movies except Horror and Violent movies and "movies" using people as sex objects (pornography) but in my humble opinion, those can't even be included in the word Cinema either since Cinema implies Arts.

What role would you play and what kind of film?

 I would play all roles offer to me, except if the film is or involves scenes related to the categories 
I have just mentioned not liking.

What is your last film and could you explain the synopsis of your film?

 *Now, I am currently in contact with a L.A. producer to work on a project for a movie (a comedy) for 2017, but at the moment, I can't reveal the project, but if I answer about the past, the last project 
I was involved with was in a Quebec French "Tele-series” with Jean-Claude Lord filmed in Montreal and called   "Jasmine".

The scenario was about police 'work in Montreal, in this case a woman's work in the police department. 
The scene was filmed in a luxurious apartment with a group of extras siting around the table looking at a violent video. 
As I was acting as one of the extras, the director told all the other extras to go away and put the camera only on me, 
even the main character was eclipsed by his instructions.

To lighten the atmosphere but still wanted to make my discomfort real, I said: eh! where are they all going? 
Then he called one lady back and just the same proceeded the filming having me in the center of the action, portraying my silent panic. I was seen on television as watching television myself with three persons and then the police character made their speech about what we just witnessed on television, so I was, for a few seconds or a little bit more in that scene where I acted but didn't even watched the scene on T.V. I just went by what they said about it.      

 However, the movie production I was involved with was "Gray Owl" as a production partly film in the Townships where I was born. The synopsis is the real life story of a British boy that just loved so much the Indian way of living that as young adult he decides to come to Canada and live in the wild, as an American Native. Therefore, as a trapper, he meets his Indian wife who taught him about preserving the beavers and their habitats. 
Renouncing to hunting and trapping, Archie, the main character played by Pierce Brosnan, became a visionary and a great environmentalist giving conferences all over the globe.

The funny thing about this film (funny today but it was dramatic when it happened but today I can finally laugh about it) is that in spite of having done the whole work process accordingly to the task and preparing myself, it became one of my biggest personal failure because I just could not show up on the set in time!  I am sharing this because now it proves the theory of never giving up our dreams!
Who said that again?
I think Oprah and Jim Carrey are among the people who mentioned it. 

This brings me to share as well one of the first synchronicity event that happened in my life in link with this passion for Cinema. Indeed, just right after this direct failure on my part (when I was too nervous to find the right road's directions to get to the old port when they were shooting my scene and after a while of going in traffic circle, I just gave up, turned around, called the guy in charge of the extras, telling him that I was on my way back and just could not make it to the set, though being a good driver in big cities, road’s directions had never been my strength… 

Well exactly after that, this film opened me a window not only to the world but on my own little world, as a matter of fact, one day as I was camping on a land owned by one of our ancestor who was an Indian with dark black hair and blue eyes, I discovered reading his obituary that his last name was Belaney just as Archie in the film! So I really a found a personal story in that story! 

Do you wish add something?
* I think, sharing my experience can add to what one can expect from getting into the fabulous adventure of acting.

What is your next challenge?
* My next challenge is only to be present in the present, in the moment to take opportunities as they come along and to do my best with what I can now offer in terms of talent in Cinema.

Do you wish add something?

*Yes, I do, take this interview for instance, before I never even dream that someone could be interested in my opinion or my personal journey related to one of my passion or that people would ask me guidelines for their Music's projects but now it's happening and it gives me faith and hope for today and tomorrow! Making me happy by giving a wonderful sense to my little life! 

So thank you so much for sharing with you all!

Thank you too for this interview and wish you the best as actress and in your life

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