Exclusive interview with SONIA S.PANSHI Bollywood actress of Malaysia origin

By Jean-Paul Eliard
The 27 November 2017


Hello Sonia, can you introduce visitors to cinema-movietheater.com?

Thank you for having me and I would certainly recommend that whoever has the interest to know about different personalities in and from various walks of life especially from the film industry to follow and stay updated here at
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Why did you choose to be an actress ?
I choose to become an actress because I wanted to do something different, not only in my life but for others. I wanted to be that voice, an image that can touch people's heart and mind. People who are in situations or circumstances who can relate to that ordeal. Many times we can't travel out or listen to so many others to convey a message, so, by being on a social platform we can use this to promote, educate  and advocate the less fortunate and to others around the world showcasing amazing stories of human lives that have issues, turbulence, sorrow and triumphs.

How was the filming of your first Bollywood movie Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara?
The filming of H.A.D.T.A was a very emotional blessing as it was on my father's 1st. death anniversary. I was surprisingly selected after so many much known faces in the T.V and fashion world had auditioned for the same role. As they were looking for a fresh look to showcase in their film. I would say that the vision of my director was with precise precision and detailing. And i personally feel that this film will always have a special part of my heart.

You are model, actress Bollywood, Co Producer, Miss Asia USA. What is your next challenge?
 My next challenge is to direct my own film under my production house banner. I will continue to act and give a  chance to talented individuals who are trying to make a mark in the Industry.

What kind of movies do you like?
The kind of movies I like are dark, racy, intense cut edge suspense. They give me the adrenaline to fuel in my own life.                  

I believe you love to speak different langage. How much of langage, do you speak?
Yes, I love to speak different languages because it helps to emote much better when we speak and think in other languages.                                                              

Did you have an acting School?
 Yes, I have trained professionally from Lee Strasberg one of the finest acting schools in New York. And with New York film Academy  in Filmmaking. Besides this another Actors Lab institute at KishoreNamit. Mumbai, india.
What role would you play and what kind of film?
I would like to play powerful substantial characters of different shades, and Era.
The kind of films for me would be either historian or syndicate mafioso type. 

Thank you for your interview Sonia and I wish you the best more information on Sonia

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.   


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