Exclusive interview with Nikita Luisa Black, Austrian actress of Russian origin

By Jean-Paul Eliard
The 31 May 2017


Hello Nikita Luisa, can you introduce visitors to cinema-movietheater.com?

I'm 27, living in Austria, and my acting career was more a happy accident then something on purpose. 

Starting back in the school times I was very shy and silent.
I was very anxious to speak in front of people/ especially my classmates.
I hated that fact because I knew I was able to do it better, without this trembling voice, blackouts, high nervousness level and high blood pressure which sometimes led to nose bleeding.

After graduating the school I saw that the problem is not caused by the people around me, my biggest enemy was in me. My fears, a lack of self confidence and almost no self respect. 

I made some diplomas, tried a job out where I had to speak in front of people...
I realised that learning was only efficient by doing the stuff what you fear.

Then I discovered modeling and dancing.... maybe I loved to get compliments, even when I didn't believed them. Even the fact that some pictures of me landed
in magazines, on advertising posters, I got TV-model jobs and was able
to life from that income, it doesn't led to more confidence.

Somehow it led me to the German PENTHOUSE Magazine. I managed the photoshoots, I was two times on the cover of the Magazine
and was a part of the organisation team. 

My future husband had some contacts from his previous jobs to
Hollywood-actors and invited Jennifer Blanc Biehn, Michael Biehn and
Darryll Hannah to the Viennese Film Ball.

I got the pretty interesting job to help to take care of them while they are in town. 

At that moment actors were for me unreachable like gods, figures
what only exist in the imagination and not from this world.
Never seen any of them in person until then.

I was nervous... I couldn't even sleep the night before they arrived!

I did my best, trying to read their wishes from their eyes. 

By the way, I never met such a good, lovely and heartwarming person
like Daryl Hannah! 

I had still very much respect of Michael Biehns strong personality
and was very shy to speak to him....

During their stay in Vienna I had to assist a Penthouse Cover Photoshoot with Jennifer Blanc Biehn! That was pretty funny! First time I saw an actress
as a human (it doesn't mean I lost the respect) but it gave me
the confidence that they made it also somehow and started somewhere and had their own stories.

At the end of their stay I got an offer which was so unbelievable, that I even
did not understood that... Michael and Jennifer offered me a little
part in one of the upcoming films ... 

In whole my disbelief and not really getting  what happened, I answered something like "no, I'm a model..." ...  
My future husband took over after that weird moment and accepted
this offer for me... 

Trough the Penthouse times I had some TV-experiences like interviews and appearances in TV shows but I was not able to imagine to become an actress! That was still in my imagination something like believing in unicorns…especially for such an nervous wreck like me….

So I got the contract, still not believing...
I got the script, was still not realistic to me...

I learned the two lines, trying to be the character,
and see what happens if that stuff happens to me 

Daniel Quinn - Jennifer introduced us and we got friends during some
LA visits - took me on a movie-set to show me how it is,
how it works and gave me some advices …

 And FINALLY it was the day and my turn to act in front of the cameras...

I loved that experience, I loved the challenge, I loved to overcome my fears,
I loved to be someone else, I loved to see a story becoming a film and the fact being a part of it... 

 Why did you choose to be an actress ?

Like we say it in German: "I liked the blood" and after my first try I wanted
to go that way ....

Jennifer and Michael gave me the chance to be a part of "Good Family Times" where my role had more dialogue then the first time ...  

Then "The Lincoln" where I had to act more ... 

After the Viennese Filmball jury heard about my first steps, they asked for some video material to see trough... 

So I got honoured with the Viennese Newcomer Filmball Award 2015 ...
and again I didn't believed it until I was standing on the stage
and received this award... 

And then I got to play the lead character "Luisa" in "My Jurassic Place"
and a small role in "Killer Weekend"

Some examples of movies where you shot Killer Weekend (filming) Svetlana  2018,  My Jurassic Place (pre-production), Luisa 2017,  Good Family Times (post-production) Vera,  Psychophonia Nikita  2016........ 

What is the role you have played, who was the hardest but the most rewarding for you?

Every single role is a new experience and I a new challenge. 

I can't say that some role was harder then the other role.
Every kind of role is like a first step and a new experience! 

Of course my first lead-part in a movie was a pretty hard experience,
because I got involved in the organisation and seeing more
"behind the scenes work"
and realising that a movie is a lot more then a two-hour-entertainment
we see on the screens. 

And as an actress to learn faster, to get more into the character, being the character and not just "playing a role".

Last year we had 36 shooting days of filming and we will have another 30 days shooting this summer. We will be ready with filming of "My Jurassic Place" September 2017.


What kind of movies  do you like?

I love Disney-movies, love stories, romantic stuff and comedy ... 

I but also love to watch action, sci-fi and horror movies …

I don’t really have special preferences, a movie has to tell a story and I love to see fascinating stories... 

What role would you play and what kind of film?

I love new challenges.

I'm a Gemini, I have more than two faces and I love finding new
spiritual abyss of myself.

In fact as an actress you are also responsible to create a character and be the person not a role. 

It's not about to imitate something what already exists. No question,
it's great and necessary to learn from life, from experience of others,
from real people and situations or even from other movies,
but you are still creating and becoming the character.
Don't try to imitate somebody, you would never be the original.

What is your next challenge?

That's funny, because currently I'm on the way to shoot "Helevtor Man: Millenials " where I have got a role as a kind of nasty, narcissistic character
of a young „selfie girl". 

Of course it is also a challenge to head back on set of "My Jurassic Place"
and be again "the loving mother and geneous scientist Luisa".

And approximately in November 2017 a new big challenge is coming up:
a role in the sci-fi thriller "FemBot"

Until now all my characters are Russian, German or Austrian. My new challenge for myself is to get an American-englisch coach and to practice on my pronunciation. 

Do you wish add something?

Everybody has to go trough hard times, never give up, learn from it, don’t regret your mistakes, they just happen, learn from them, fight for your dreams,
enjoy your life, try to smile and laugh as much as possible. Love yourself!

I’m really blessed to have the chance to learning by doing.

I try to learn from every little role and I'm sure I have much more to learn on my way. I'll do the best I can to get the best out myself.

I'm very thankful for every person supporting me, helping me and giving me opportunities.

Thank you for the interview!!!


To see Nikita Black in Blanc:Biehn Productions' "Psychophonia"


Thank you too for this interview Nikita Luisa , to get more infomation on IMDb
about Nikita Luisa and I wish you the best as actress and in your life

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