Exclusive Interview with Chris Baxter, writer, director of the short Film Crossroads at Hollywood


By Jean-Paul Eliard
The 12 May 2016 


Hello Chris, Can you introduce visitors to cinema-movietheater.com and The Crossroads Movie?

 Hi my name is Chris Baxter and I am the writer, director of the short Film Crossroads.

when you write your script and to be directing / producing too, what is today?

I was the writer, director and co-prodcuer.

What does it take?

 We could probably talk for hours about what it takes but three things stand out. The first you must be absolutely passionate about what you do, Two, you must actively be striving to grow everyday as a filmmaker and person. Lastly You need to have the courage to take risks.

What kind of movies do you like?

 I enjoy all cinema but especially crime drama.

Now about your new film  "CROSSROADS" what are the main difficulties that you met to shoot for this short -movie?

We had a location cancel on us last minute. With only a  very limited amount of money (about 3k) we had to think on the fly and filmed at a location we had never seen before. We had a few actors not show up and had to replace them on the spot as well.

Could you explain the synopsis of your film? 

Short synopsis: 
Crossroads is a film about A struggling Mexican who attempts to smuggle cocaine across the border to support his family but in doing so may destroy the lives of innocent others. 
Long synopsis:
On the first day of class, three college students devour a bag of cocaine while contemplating the meaning of the human existence. However, the harsh realities of life mercilessly hit them head-on when one of the students overdoses. This devastatingly fatal turn sets the story into motion for the unbelievable strain of events to happen next. 
We are thrown into the brutally honest story of Javier, a generous and good-hearted Mexican who embarks on a mission to smuggle cocaine across the US border. Limited on options to support his family, he journeys on this dangerous quest. Except, he soon finds himself full of fear and regret when he is stopped at a rural border checkpoint. Engulfed in an utter panic, Javier begins to pray that the Border Patrol Agents will not find the contraband. At the last second, right before the drugs are discovered, a surprise twist of events happens that will forever alter the future of Javier and the Chief Border Patrol Agent. 

How did you meet your actors and actresses?

 I met our main actor in class at San Diego State University. The story is inspired by his real life. (The story is only slightly based on true events, most of it is fiction) 
I met out main female actress's mom when we shared a ride at a film festival and we exchanged info. All the other actors I met through online casting.

What is your next challenge?

Our next challenge is a feature film I wrote and am directing this summer called UNLAWFUL JUSTICE. The log line is: When a struggling police officer reluctantly tries to meet an arrest quota for a promotion, he's thrown on a collision course with an inner-city African-American teenager seeking justice by any means possible.

Do you wish add something? 

Thank you so much for your interview I really appreciate your time. If you want to ask any more questions send them over anytime. I am always looking for the next script to write. If anybody has a story they want to tell or a book they want to see on the big screen my email is bax4short@gmail.com. You can also find me on twitter at boxofficebax.

Thank you too for this interview. I wish you the best. See you soon.


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